Addicted to Scandinavian crime dramas. Thoughts on The Bridge.

Intoxicatingly claustrophobic Scandinavian crime dramas are becoming a theme of my weekday evenings.

Specifically The Bridge, a masterful piece of writing which uses the Øresund Bridge, connecting Copenhagen and Malmo, as its focal point. Who knew a bridge could be so thrilling?

Inspector Morse it isn’t. In contrast to Morse’s semi-charming middle-English observations, we’re presented with Saga Norén who’s extreme pragmatism creates a bluntness akin to one of Lewis’s post-case pencils.

Saga’s sidekick, Martin, a middle-aged grizzled lothario acts as the perfect muse to her lack of emotional comprehension. The dialogue between the 50% Swedish, 50% Danish combo is equally as amusing as it is intriguing.

As our lead characters investigate each wonderfully dark plot, an array of stark, modernist buildings surrounded by deep snow seem to create the perfect backdrop.

Grab yourself some pickled herring, put a scarf on and write off the next week or so.