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Education in finland

Education in Finland. Something like a Phenomenon.

Finland has often topped the international league tables for education and as such its recent reforms make for interesting reading.

Malvern Water

A magical elixir flows through the hills of Malvern.

For hundreds of years, people have flocked to sample the life-giving properties of Malvern water. The secret of eternal youth?

Brian Eno

Brian Eno's hidden lemon meringue utopia.

In this year’s John Peel Lecture, gifted musical luminary Brian Eno delivered a hopeful vision for the future of the arts.

Wilmington Delaware

Wilmington, Delaware: a City of contradictions.

As shocked mourners gather at another Wilmington vigil, a small community are left wondering whether a troubling cycle of violent crime will ever end.

Personality in design

Putting personality at the heart of digital design.

Challenging order has been a trait of the human race since the dawn of time.

The Bridge

Addicted to Scandinavian crime dramas.

Intoxicatingly claustrophobic Scandinavian crime dramas are becoming a theme of my weekday evenings.